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Get the Top-quality meat & seafood from Meatmix

Meatmix offers you the chance to enjoy the best Ontario-raised meat. Our operations revolve around just a couple of simple philosophies that have helped us become business leaders. First, to provide the best flash-frozen meat choices at unbeatable prices and secondly, to bring them to you in the most convenient manner.

Spruce up your food experiences with us. We have a great variety of Chicken, Beef, Turkey, and Seafood for you.


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Here’s why you should choose Meatmix

1. Humanely & Sustainably Raised Local Meat

We want you to enjoy top-quality healthy meat at affordable prices; therefore, we only offer AAA graded grass-fed, grain-finished Beef that is generously marbled and full of natural flavours.

2. Contactless Delivery

Enjoy the best quality meat without any worries. Our delivery services aim to get the product to your doorsteps without any hassle and within 24 hours.

3. HACCP Certified

All our partners are Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) certified to guarantee the highest level of cleanliness throughout processing.

4. Vacuum Sealed & Zero-waste

Our chosen professional butchers hand-cut every piece to specification for consistent portions and vacuum-packed them so that you use only the amount you need and avoid food wastage.

5. Lock in the Freshness- Flash Frozen

All our meat is flash-frozen to lock in the freshness, original color, perfect flavor, tenderness, juiciness, and freezer burn. It’s convenient; thaw it out a night before you need to use it for the best flavor.

6. Fast and Free Delivery

With Meatmix, you get free delivery options for orders of and above $75. So fill up the shopping carts with the best meat choices, and we shall ensure that you receive them most quickly and safely possible.

Meatmix is a trusted choice of thousands of people

We are proud to be the top preference of thousands of Canadians regarding meat. We have been consistent with our offerings and will keep things that way.

Call us up right away if you are looking for meat delivery in the Greater Toronto Area, and we ensure that you’ll get the best meat at the best prices.

Customer Reviews
order meat online

Why should you order meat online?

Firstly, it’s the best way to save time. Getting meat even from the best quality store is a hassle. Since it’s a high-demand product, you may have to wait in lines to wait for the turn. Once you come to the counter, you realize the meat being sold is from worldwide and is not of the quality you want. Don’t you want to support local Ontario farmers who practice sustainable farming? That is what makes our Beef the healthy meat choice for you.

Overall, it’s a time-consuming process that you can avoid easily by having your orders delivered to your doorsteps. Meatmix helps you avoid wasting time waiting in line-ups at butchers and offer you the frozen meat delivery service right at your doorsteps.

We are here to save you both time and money. With Meatmix, you’ll only get the best quality products and fantastic customer service so that you will always come back to us with many more orders. Our customer satisfaction rate is 100% to date, and that’s because we deliver what we commit.

Ready to have the best meat experience?

Choose the suitable meat varieties and fill up your carts right away.

Your meat experience is ready to take off to the next level with us. You can save time, money and get the perfect meat options delivered to your given address. Order meat online in Toronto from us!

Our prices for sustainably raised local Ontario meat are notoriously low compared to big box stores, and you receive the top-notch services on top!

best meat experience
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    You need to check out this convenient subscription FREE meat home delivery company, amazing quality, locally sourced, naturally raised meat products footslide1
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    Mo Conforti
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    Super fast delivery with great quality meat delivered to your door at reasonable pricing. We love it! footslide3    
    Td Insurance
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    Virda Guddusi
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    I received my first box of steaks from Meatmix for my weekend, amazing quality meat cuts! I highly recommend them.

    Joanna M
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    GTA Dashcam
  • new2

    Meatmix offers a perfect size Chicken for roasting, we loved its flavorsome

    and the fact that it's ethically raised on local farms.

    Peter Shawn
    Structural Engineer P.Eng
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    Hana Ishmael
  • new3

    We tried Chicken breast, chicken quarters, and Beef steaks from Meatmix last week. We have been very fortunate to try their meat as it's super delicious, juicy, and tender. We will surely buy from them again and highly recommend it to everyone.

    Sofia McCallum
    HR Consultant
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    Rishi Kishore
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    I ordered my first weekly protein box from Meatmix this week. My whole family loved

    their meat and service. Great cuts of healthy meat at very affordable prices. Definitely recommending people.


    Veronica Monica
    Accounting/Finance Professional
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    Cathy Davidson-seery
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    Anastasia Kharitonova
April 19, 2022
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