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The Meatmix is a “Meat Home Delivery” small business operating out of Mississauga, Ontario, and servicing families across the Greater Toronto Area since May 2020. We started this business independently recently, but we have been in the meat industry and worked with local Ontario producers for a decade.

We connect you directly to locally sourced Premium quality, Pasture-raised, Free-range, Naturally and Ethically raised Ontario Beef and Chicken from our local producers’ community.

Our producers take pride in raising animals/birds using Traditional farming practices that ensure the Best quality, Healthy, Full of Flavour Meat. Our Meat is AA + graded at minimum and is finished perfectly for excellent marbling, texture, colour, and provides the mouth-watering taste that is hard to find at such economical prices.

Along with the above-mentioned excellent farming practices, our producers also follow Sustainable farming practices that ensure our generations have land preserved for them. We believe we need to do our part to protect our lands, water, trees, and environment for generations to come.

Our Vision is to provide you and your families with the Healthy, Naturally, and Sustainably pasture-raised Ontario meat of Premium quality and provides a mouth-watering taste at affordable pricing. Not only that, our commitment to the local Ontario farmers to help them grow their family business and to keep their children’s legacy alive is a crucial part of our Vision.

Buying from Meatmix will provide you with the mouth-watering taste of premium quality Meat and give you confidence knowing the food at your table is from local Ontario producers, who take pride in raising their herd Ethically and Naturally.

Processing plant updated


All our processors are Hazard Analysis, and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified that ensure the product is processed in the best and safest environment for you and your family.

Bacteria spread through Cross-contamination, and temperature abuse in food handling could lead to foodborne illnesses. Therefore, to ensure the best and safest meat processing, we follow the Air-Chilled cooling process before cutting.

This process of Air-chilling is far more effective and healthy as it helps to maintain the freshness, the original taste, texture, and chances of growing bacteria to minimal as you Air cool Chickens individually. Whereas the Cold-Water chilling process poses several issues, i.e., adding water to the Chicken’s weight, Chicken starts to shrink and taste rubbery while cooking.

Most importantly, the chances of increasing bacteria are far more as Water-Chilled Chicken are submerge into the communal pool.

Along the line in processing, our processors also ensure that all our Beef and Chicken is cut professionally to specifications and is vacuum-sealed packed (chemical or preservative-free) in a consistent portion sizes to provide our customer with the best possible value.

Once the meat is cut and packaged professionally into vacuum-sealed packs, we then Fresh Freeze packets to lock in the freshness and maintain its original taste, colour, texture, increase shelf life, and avoid freezer burn. Ensuring all the above processes are closely monitored and implemented, we manage to bring you and your family the healthiest and best tasting Meat from our local producers.

MeatMix Boxes


A part of Meatmix Vision is to ensure that our packaging material is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and our footprints are as small as possible. Unlike other organizations, we at Meatmix ensure that our customers pay for the Meat rather than paying for fancy and expensive packaging material and receives the best possible value for their dollar spent.

We ship all our meat pre-frozen and individually vacuum packed in corrugated boxes, with insulated liner and gel packs to keep the Meat cold and safe during deliveries.

Even if you are not home, our insulated liners keep the Meat cold and safe for up to 12 hours. However, we strongly recommend putting the meat in the freezer or refrigeration as early as possible. Our boxes are convenient in handling as they are 10″*10″ in size and will easily fit in any regular-sized freezer and or refrigerator without any hassle.

Although we take extra care to deliver every single order in time, we do not assume any responsibility for off condition products due to temperature abuse. However, If you have any concerns, bring them to our attention and we will try to fix them for you, as customer satisfaction is our priority.


Meatmix delivers directly to your home or at the office (if requested) using our temperature-controlled Van to most locations within 24 hours. However, during the surge, your box may be delivered to you in Non-temperature-controlled vehicles but surely be in corrugated containers with an insulated liner and ice packs that ensure the Meat inside the box is safe for use.

We have successfully serviced hundreds of happy clients in our service area across the GTA within one day. We have always managed to fulfill many short notice orders with a dedicated and hard-working team during the pandemic surge. By leveraging our strong relationships with our working partners, we have managed to gain many valuable customers to date.

We offer free shipping across the GTA (service area) but suggest the order size to be at least $ 50 to make it economical since we are not a Monthly subscription service and order size could be as small as $ 20. Our delivery does not require your signature to receive the box. So even if you are not home, your package will be delivered to your door, and you will be notified by SMS.

Our drivers are on the road every day between 8 am to 8 pm and ready to deliver your order contactless anytime. However, the lead time to deliver your order in 2 business days may take up to 5 business days for delivery due to pandemic and excessive demand orders. The cut-off time is 6 pm for each business day. For example, for Wednesday delivery, we must receive your order by 6 pm on Sunday.

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