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The Meatmix offers the best-quality Naturally raised AAA graded Beef, which is ethically and sustainably grown on local Ontario farms and finished perfectly for excellent marbling, flavor, and tenderness.

We process our Beef at HACCP certified plants abiding by strict cleanliness standards and trimmed professionally to exact specification for consistent portion sizes.

All our Beef cuts are professionally vacuum sealed and Flash Frozen to maintain their original flavor, nutrients, color and prevents dehydration and freezer burn.

Meatmix focuses on providing the best possible value to their customer. Our thoughtfully designed Beef combo boxes offer our users the best possible value per meal with various mixed cuts. Customers also can choose amounts of their own choice and get a bulk purchase discount at check out.

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  • MeatMix Steaks-Special

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    MeatMix Steaks Special AAA

  • Beef Striploin Steak AAA Family Box 15*10 oz

  • BBQ Style MixMeat Combo

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  • MixMeat Special Combo

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