The best way to ensure that the food you eat is delicious and safe for you and your family to consume is to make sure that it is raised sustainably and processed in the safest environment to minimize the spread of bacteria.

This way, you won’t compromise on quality, taste, and health. And with Meatmix, you will not have to compromise on anything. Our convenient chicken home delivery service will make your life so much easier, where all you have to do is to hit a couple of clicks on our site, sit back, and relax.

We offer our clients the best fresh chicken online in Ontario, and they all love it. Here are the reasons why:

Sourced Locally & Raised Sustainably

All our chicken is raised right here in Ontario in a sustainable and ethical environment ensuring animal welfare and good practices.

Fully Free-Range Chicken

We believe keeping animals caged is against their nature. That is why all our sourcing partners raise chicken free-range in the best possible environment. That means these birds are free to roam on the farm.

Grain-fed and Air-chilled

All our chickens are grain-fed, which makes them taste juicer, and are processed following the air-chilling cooling method. The air-chilling method of cooling birds reduces the chances of bacteria growing because of no cross contimination and ensures the meat is not full of water, making it taste better and healthier for you to consume.

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