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The Meatmix offers the best-quality Free Range Chicken that is Grain-fed and Naturally raised on Ontario farms.

Meatmix Chicken is professionally hand-trimmed to perfect specification at HACCP certified plants abiding by strict standards of cleanliness and its Air-chilled rather than the traditional way of Cold Water chilling to reduce bacteria.

Our Chicken combos are designed to provide our users with the best possible value per meal. i.e., $5-$7 per meal of a variety of cuts that are packed and Fresh frozen professionally into vacuum packs to maintain their original taste.

Customers have an option of choice cuts of their own choice and get a bulk purchase discount at check out.

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  • MixMeat Special Combo
  • BBQ Style MixMeat Combo

    BBQ Style MixMeat Combo

  • MeatMix Chicken Combo
  • Chicken Whole
  • Chicken Ground
  • Chicken Whole
  • Chicken Drum Sticks
  • Chicken Breast SKNL/BNLS
  • Chicken Ground
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