If you are planning a feast or a big family dinner, then there is nothing quite like a Turkey to become a centrepiece to that dinner. A turkey is more than large enough to feed the entire family and still have enough left for leftovers. And who doesn’t love dinner leftovers?

So, if you are looking for free-range Ontario-raised Turkey to cook and present in all its juicy glory, then Meatmix is undoubtedly your destination. Our selected producers raise turkeys with all the love and care in the world. That ensures that the bird you get is perfectly healthy, safe and juicy.

We Keep It Free-Range

Simply put, we don’t believe that an animal/bird-like Turkey is born to be raised in a closed-off cage or pen with other turkeys with no space of its own to roam in. We firmly believe in letting the turkeys grow to be free-range. That means our producers let them roam free on farms. It is a part of our ethical practices to ensure that our producers raise animals/birds safely and with proper care.

HACCP Certified Plants

Our turkeys and other meats we offer are processed in HACCP Certified plants. We are committed to showing our customers that we genuinely believe in ethical and safe meat processing. Therefore, we only work with packers who are fully HACCP certified.

Preservatives? No. Flash-Freezing? Yes.

If we were to offer meats with preservatives in them, that would affect our meats’ quality. We follow a strictly ‘no chemicals, preservatives or additives’ approach that maintains the quality of the turkeys we sell. And if you are wondering how we keep them fresh until they are delivered to you. We use a flash-freeze process that instantly seals in all the flavor and quality of the turkey. And then bring it to you using thermally insulated boxes that keep everything cool and secure until it reaches you.

Are you looking for that perfect turkey to make your family dinner magical and memorable? Then, shop on our website and order it today! Our turkeys are the best you will find in Ontario, and it’s a Meatmix guarantee.

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